School Communication App

The all-in-one communication solution for schools from kindergarten to K-12. Engage your schools' parents and keep school-parents-students connected.


50% save in communication cost
Save the schools' tons of cost of of communication through digitalization of communication. No more waste of paper.
Save 60% time
Save time doing communicative tasks with parents, more time teaching and engaging with your students
Communication transparency
Publish school's schedule and announcement efficiently and effortlessly, and immediately, without going through multiple layers.
Communicate effectively
Create a direct, two-way channel for parents to reach school's faculty without sacrifice your teachers' privacy
Track students progress effortlessly
Give school faculty a transparent and direct look into the entire school learning progress and teaching performance.
Frictionless school fee payment
Give parents ability to pay online through mobile wallet (Momo, Airpay). Less time chasing parents, more time engage with your students.

Communicate Effortlessly

  • Manage and monitor school's communication efficiently and effortlessly.
  • Communication transparency
  • Save time and cost for school's faculty
  • Less paperwork and more teaching time
  • Communicate effectively with parents while keeping faculty's privacy
  • Effectively publish and collect tuition fee digitally through e-wallet.


Benefit for Parents

  • Follow your children's curriculum and schedule conveniently
  • Have a direct channel to reach the schools' teachers immediately
  • Never miss a school session with app's reminder
  • Receive announcements from school directly
  • Track your children's progresses to aware and regulate if needed
  • Pay school's fee effortlessly

Communicate on the Cloud
Built on a cloud infrastructure, Schoolinks enable the use of the system from anywhere and at anytime.
Increase Engagement
Updated information keeps parents and students engaged and happy with the school.
Highly Secured
128-bit end-to-end encryption keep your schools information secured and prevent intrusion.

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